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Black History Month: Meet Our Students

Updated: May 24

This Black History Month, we wanted to boost voices from the black community. So, over the last 4 weeks we spoke to 11 students about their culture and inspirations...

We asked the students to tell us about someone from the black community that inspires them. You can read a few of them below, find out why students find them inspiring by clicking on each name:


"Despite the privilege she receives from existing as a lighter complexioned black woman, she has been relentless in setting the tone for how other black women in media should be treated and advocating for. She is a triple threat who breaks records wherever she goes and that is what I aspire to be."

Muhammad Ali

Dora Akunyili

Jason Voudri


We also wanted to find out what students’ favourite part of black culture is. By a landslide, the winning answers were the food, music, and art!

The most moving thing we found out is what Black History Month means to our students. The answers were inspirational, so they are compiled in full below:

Everyone gave such phenomenal answers, and this article only includes a portion of insight given from the group. To read their full answers, head over to our Instagram to read each individual feature.

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