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How Cassie Grew her Professional Skills through UWLSU

Cassie is a third-year student, studying BA (Hons) Media & Communications with Foundation. She’s been involved with the Students’ Union in so many ways, including working with us for almost 2 years! Cassie knows what we do extremely well, so let’s dive into her experience... 

Since the beginning of her university journey, Cassie has been a course rep, gathering her peers’ views and feedback to make real change happen within her course. This is something she’s become incredibly passionate about over her time at UWL to now being the intern for our Student Voice team – right at the heart of resolving students’ concerns! Spending this time working with UWLSU has given Cassie the opportunity to grow her skills both professionally and personally. Becoming confident in communicating with people effectively and having real life opportunities to practice public speaking are the two important skills Cassie has developed through her roles. These are both extremely valuable to give her the best step up into her future career. 

“Using my voice to represent others in my class and I think it has really helped my confidence.”

On top of her development, Cassie has enjoyed working with us because of the healthy working environment and amazing staff teams. She has got to work with loads of different departments, which means she’s had an insight into what different staff do to contribute to the running of UWLSU. For Cassie, this has been eye opening into how much the SU does to better uni life for students, both in their academics and social life. Having this knowledge means that she is always on top of gathering feedback from other students, as she knows that any issues are dealt with as quickly as possible! 

“I love that I can see everything. The hard work that's done”

Aside from her experience working at the SU, she’s also utilised her time in societies to build her CV (and have fun!). Being part of a student group committee enables students to plan and put on events – a huge accomplishment that Cassie has achieved! 

One part of uni that Cassie absolutely loves is being surrounded by so many different people, who you can get to know and learn from. The community at UWL is filled with diversity, with a huge percentage of our students being international; Cassie has had an amazing time sharing her culture with friends as well as getting to find out about others’. 


Overall, Cassie has taken fulll advantage of every opportunity the Students’ Union offers that can help build her professional skills and employability. 

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