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Kiara's Time as a Cheerleader

Let’s talk about sports! This week, we take a deep dive into Kiara’s experience as part of UWLSU’s Cheerleading team. 

Kiara is in her second year on the Cheer team and is the Trailfinders team captain! This means, she leads the squad that support Trailfinders rugby club and perform during their matches. 


One of Kiara’s favourite things about being in Cheerleading is the strong bond all the members have built with each other. With everyone being so close, it makes any time spent with the team fun and helps their performances flow easily and stay coordinated. Cheer have loads of opportunities to perform and are amazing at what they do! From supporting UWL’s sports teams, to competitions, to being the Cheerleaders for Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club. They achieve a lot every year to be proud of.

“What I love most about my team is like the connection we all have with each other.” 

Cheer now has three different teams, which means plenty of opportunities to learn new skills and show them off! They learn new tricks to perform at the national competition, put together routines to support other UWLSU sports teams and cheer for Trailfinders. This means that every member has a choice in the kind of things they want to learn and take part in. Kiara has learnt an immense amount throughout her time in the group, as well as being part of creating choreography and gaining experience in different committee positions. 


That doesn’t stop everyone from coming together for socials, where Kiara has made some of her best memories. Being able to form such strong bonds with other members means always having someone that you know when you’re around university and knowing you’re not alone. 

“I know that my team will always be there for me if I'm struggling with anything.” 


Being part of Cheerleading has completely changed Kiara’s experience, in the best way. If you’re thinking of joining a sports club, take Kiara’s advice: 

“Do it. Join the team. You won't regret it. You make the best friends and have some great experiences that you will never forget.” 


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