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LGBTQ+ Society: Meet Jake

For LGBT+ History Month, we met up with some members of UWLSU’s LGBTQ+ society to learn about their experiences, inside and outside of university.

Jake is in his first year at UWL, studying psychology and has been a member of the LGBTQ+ society since the beginning of uni. Moving cities to go to university is exciting, and Jake has found London amazing because of the freedom of the city as well as how big it is. It’s also so easy to explore loads of different places in the capital.


Before coming to UWL, Jake had looked into the LGBTQ+ society, to see if one existed and knew he would meet the group once he started studying here. The Freshers Fair was a perfect opportunity for Jake to meet some of the members. The society’s “Speed Friending” event was where he really got to socialise with the other students in the group and he had an incredible time. For Jake, the society is a safe space and community where he’s felt at ease enjoying himself with everyone and going to the socials they put on.

“It’s a safe community, a safe space.” 

We asked Jake what he thinks is one change everyone can make and he said that one big thing is to educate themselves. Resources are so accessible now, so it’s easier than ever to learn.


Jake also shared some advice with us that he thinks would have been helpful to his past self:

“You don't have to have it all figured out, you've got time.”  

Something Jake loves about being part of the LGBTQ+ community is the strong and always stands together. There’s always that sense of community wherever you go, and every single person is ready and willing to stand up for other’s rights.

We couldn't be more thrilled that Jake has found his group of people within UWL and the SU!

Want to find out more about the LGBTQ+ Society? Click here or follow them on Instagram @uwl_lgbtq.

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