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Lilian's Journey into Nursing

Lilian decided to come back to university to progress in her career, to become a nurse and be able to help people on a wider scale. 

After working as a health care assistant in a care home, Lilian decided to continue her journey in a career she loves, to progress into nursing. She absolutely loves helping and caring for people, so being able to develop her skillset within the health care sector is an amazing opportunity for Lilian. Now in her third year, uni has flown by, and Lilian couldn’t be more ready to graduate into her new field of work. 


Coming back to study after a long break from education can make it challenging to get back into the academic side of university. Lilian has found so much support within UWL, especially with her academic writing. She’s had guidance from the Study Support team as well as her lecturers, which has enabled her to become confident in her studies and achieve amazing results!  


One thing that stands out for her about her time at university is how many different, amazing people she’s had the chance to meet, from patients and staff in her placements, to her classmates she’s spent time with from day one. 

“I met a lot of people and it's really improved my interpersonal skills, because you meet different people from different backgrounds, so you learn a lot from them.” 


Lilian is absolutely loving uni and her passion is growing in her chosen path. She was able to study Adult Nursing because of how convenient UWL is for her to travel to, allowing her to juggle her family, studies and placement a bit easier. Managing a good life balance can be a struggle for every student, and it’s a challenge that Lilian has been determined to overcome to achieve her goals. 


Nursing is an incredibly practical course with loads of opportunities to gain firsthand experience in the field. Lilian’s favourite part of her studies are the placements; being able to watch medical intervention directly and be part of patients’ journey to recovery is incredibly helpful to her learning. As part of their preparation for placements, students go through simulations in UWL’s hospital sim centre, as well as treating ’patients’ played by actors. Lilian has loved these sessions as she’s found them really useful in the lead up to her placements. 

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