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Meet Churchill: A Course Rep!

Updated: May 24

Churchill is a second year Law student & Course Rep, dedicated to making university as memorable as possible!

Now in his second year of uni, Churchill is also in his second year of being a Course Rep for LLB students. He’s ecstatic to have the honour of being nominated twice & have the ability to help his peers through their course. Our Course Reps work hard to gather continuous feedback from all students on their course to make sure their voices are heard & that their experience is the best it can be. Churchill’s favourite part of the role is being able to listen to people & be part of the solution of any issues they may face.

On top of this, the Course Rep scheme has provided Churchill with the opportunity to grow in different areas. One thing he’s noticed the most is how much his people skills have developed; spending time dealing with different students & concerns has enabled him to become more outgoing, engaging & approachable. UWLSU provides regular training for all Reps, something Churchill has taken full advantage of & enjoys massively.

Throwing himself into the role has allowed Churchill to push himself to get involved with student life & say yes to every opportunity presented! Taking a step into the SU through the Course Rep scheme has given him the confidence to go to different events & meet people he wouldn’t have otherwise. An event he loved was our Halloween event, where Churchill was able to go with different Reps, as well as bring his course mates along to get to know each other better.

Churchill’s experience outside of his studies is also thriving. He’s part of the Film society, First Love & the Rugby team! For him, joining these groups is all about meeting amazing new people and making connections. All the groups put on different socials for their members, including bowling, film screenings and games nights. Churchill is now part of this in the Film society, after being voted in as their Events Manager.

“This is going to be one of the most memorable times of my life & so far it has been”

For Churchill, his best experiences have come from just saying “yes” to every opportunity offered to him. From taking part in photoshoots to representing his class, it has opened some amazing doors! We can’t wait to see where life takes him.

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