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Meet Daniela, an International Student

Updated: May 24

Daniela Fuertes is a first year Air Transport Management student from Spain! She’s passionate about making the airline customer experience the best it can be. Her aspiration is to build a career that helps to make people the happiest they can be.

After finishing high school in her home country, Daniela had a decision to make about whether to continue her studies or to travel. She ended up choosing a job that allowed her to travel, as a flight attendant! This allowed Daniela to fall in love with the airline industry and gain experience in what she wants to build her career in. The dream of going to university didn’t fade for Daniela and with the experience under her belt, she was able to apply for degrees in the UK.

Visiting UWL’s open day is all Daniela needed to make her choice of where to study. The lecturers talked passionately and were extremely engaging, as well as every single person being welcoming and friendly, creating an environment she wanted to be in. Overall, the experience filled Daniela with inspiration.

Now in her first year of uni, Daniela’s love for the airline industry is still thriving. Her course is full of an amazing group of students and has enabled Daniela to meet her closest friends. As well as her own smaller course group, there’s plenty of opportunities to meet a wider group of students through the larger, mixed lectures that involve all aviation courses. Something Daniela loves about UWL is how multicultural the student body is, allowing you to meet people from all around the world that you wouldn’t have the chance to otherwise. As an international student, this also made her feel so much more comfortable when she began studying here.

“You can’t feel lonely here, there are so many amazing people who will become your closest friends”

Moving to London is a big step, no matter how far you move from. Daniela was nervous at first whether it would be right for her, but now living in the city, it’s clear that this is where she’s meant to be. She's used to the slow-moving nature of her hometown, a huge contrast to the busyness of London! Daniela loves how full of life the city is, with something new around every corner; people singing, dancing, and having their own unique style! Everyone is enjoying life and expressing themselves.

“You can never be bored, there’s always something entertaining going on”

Daniela’s time studying abroad so far has been wonderful. Her passion for her studies and aspiration for working in a role where she can make people happy is inspiring. Daniela’s future is bright, and with her coming so far in her career already, she is going to take the airline industry by storm!

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