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Meet Mary & Fei: Cousins Studying their Master's!

Updated: May 24

Mary & Fei are MA Theatre & Performance Practice students, who decided to come to UWL together, bringing them closer as cousins. With everything that life has thrown at them, being able to support each other through their studies has meant that they have had the best chance at success.

Their journey to decide to take on a master’s degree was led by the desire to learn something new in their fields as well as their passion for the arts. Being able to further their skills in something they love, is what drove Mary & Fei to sign on to study at UWL. Coming to study as a mature student can be daunting, but it has proven to be a fantastic experience for the pair. The university is full of diversity, including a huge community of mature students, which made Mary & Fei feel comfortable starting their university journey.

“Older students experience university the same as everyone else – using the library, hanging out around campus and enjoying what they study”

Fei has an amazing history in entertainment, working in TV for over 10 years. He’s built-up experience in presenting & voiceover work in China! Being able to combine Western theatre with the beauty of Chinese stories & legends is a dream for Fei after graduating. He aspires to create his own productions, utilising the knowledge he gains from uni, on top of what he holds already.

Mary’s passion & experience also lies in the arts. She was dancer for a huge portion of her life, but unfortunately suffered injury from an accident which has stopped her from performing. Now, being able to have family around to help with her children, she is able to study the industry she loves. You can feel the passion she has for her field when she speaks about what she loves.

The style of teaching at UWL has been a new experience for both cousins, and a big change from their past education in China. Having the lecturers be so interactive has been a joy, and the way the lessons are laid out as an open discussion allows them to expand on their own knowledge whilst learning from everyone in the class. Their teachers have always been incredibly approachable & willing to help, especially with the challenges faced studying in your second language.

“The teachers create open discussions, they like us sharing our ideas and encourage us to talk and share opinions”

On top of all this, Mary & Fei have made great friends with their classmates, joining a community of people with the same passion for theatre. Their time at UWL will broaden their already amazing industry experience, hopefully propelling their careers to even greater heights.

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