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Meet Your NUS Delegates

Your 23/24 NUS Delegates have officially been elected and it's time to meet them! Before we introduce you, let's answer some questions...

What is the NUS?

'NUS' stands for the National Union of Students. Basically, they exist to advocate for you and your rights whilst you are studying. They fight for a whole range of changes within universities nationally, all in the best interest of students. The NUS is democratically led, meaning its leaders are voted in, as well as the priorities they work on each year. That's where your delegates come in...

What is an NUS Delegate?

An NUS Delegate is a student from the unviersity, who is voted for in an election to represent UWL students' views to the NUS. Before running, they come up with their manifestos, where they decide what topics they are advocating for on behalf of our students. They will attend the NUS Conference where they can get their voice heard and discuss any subjects that relate to our students.

What happens at NUS Conference?

There are different things that happen at the NUS Conference each year, that work to improve the wellbeing of students. Officers and students will discuss what has happened as part of NUS' movements over the last year, as well as develop their campaigning skills. This is also the space where the union's priorities are decided for the year. Your Delegates will have a chance to raise important issues and advocate for the change they want to see.

When is NUS Conference?

The next conference your Delegates are attending is the 17th and 18th April 2024.

Let's meet your Delegates:

Your NUS Delegates have been voted in based on their manifestos and priorities. You can read what they are advocating for here.

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