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Nepal to London: Namira's Experience

Namira moved to London almost 3 years ago from Nepal to study IT business management. She quickly found herself being welcomed into the community and becoming more confident from day 1. 

When Namira first came to UWL, she was nervous about starting a new journey, in a new country. During her first lectures, she spent a lot of time worried to speak up, especially when she was still adjusting to learning in her second language. This all changed really quickly when her lecturer noticed she wasn’t okay and checked in with her, from there he completely reassured her and she’s not looked back since, and always asks any questions she needs. Feeling comfortable to ask for help is incredibly important for every student, to make sure they are learning their subject fully and growing their skills. 


Another huge thing that made Namira feel welcomed into uni life is how amazing the people are here. Both the students and staff at UWL have been so friendly to Namira, always brightening her day and saying hi around campus.

“There’s a positive vibe wherever you go. The people are so friendly and even if you're walking, they smile at you, they cheer you up”


Namira has been part of the Nepalese society for two years now and it’s made a real impact on her university experience. She has a passion for graphic design which she utilised as their content manager last year and has been voted in as their chairperson for this year! The society brings together students from all over the university to socialise, enjoy events and celebrate Nepalese culture. Finding friends from her country has made Namira feel so much more at home and she’s found friends who she connected with instantly and made her feel more comfortable at the start of her journey.  

“Like you wouldn't feel homesick when you're around and hanging out with your friends.” 


The Nepalese society is incredibly active, and plans loads of socials for their members. From advice sessions to holiday celebrations, to trips to Nepalese restaurants for a taste of home, they really know how to make everyone feel welcome. The group is open to anyone who wants to join, it connects students from different courses who can help each other with assignments, educates people from different countries about Nepalese culture and gives students a space to find their group of friends. 


“We have created a society in which they can be like a safe place and come to us.” 

Now in her final year of uni, Namira has grown her experience immensely and gained so many opportunities through her course. For two years running, she entered a competition with some other students on her course where they team together to pitch a solution to an IT-based scenario. Namira’s groups won first prize and second prize against tother universities, which is a huge achievement. She has utilised the support within the university, especially from lecturers and the Study Support team, to excel her knowledge and achieve high grades.  


Namira has found her community at UWL and really made the most of every opportunity and experience. She’s put her all into helping build a positive and inclusive society, as well as created success for herself in her course. 

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