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Saransh's Student Story

Updated: May 24, 2023

Saransh Dahal is a second year BSc (Hons) Marketing & Social Media student, eager to enter the world of marketing & build a successful career.

Saransh came to UWL with big dreams & a passion for his chosen career path. The decision of where to study is a big one, & Saransh chose UWL for a variety of reasons. The facilities, environment, course structure & teachers all made him believe that he could build a great future for himself by coming to study here. He’s now learning the skills he needs to make that happen. Saransh feels he’s learning what he needs to work in a marketing agency – or even start his own!

From the beginning of his journey, Saransh has been part of the LGBTQ+ Society, throwing himself into the student experience. Saransh is on the committee for the society, utilising his skills by taking on the responsibility of Communications Manager for the group. Being part of a society has enriched his time at university endlessly & has enabled Saransh to meet so many new people that he wouldn’t have had the chance to otherwise. He’s been able to meet people from different backgrounds, with different skillsets & mindsets, allowing him to learn so much from the new community he is continuously building. Saransh credits his ever-growing network to throwing himself into any opportunity he can, whether that’s student groups, in class or SU events. Being part of the committee has also given Saransh the chance to grow as a person in so many aspects.

“I just want to say thank you to the SU for helping me, not just to grow in the field of marketing, but grow as a person.”

Saransh moved to London from Nepal to study, leaving his family & friends to follow his passion. That move can be intimidating for anyone, as adjusting to a new life (even if it’s temporary) is a big deal. We asked how his experience has been & if he’s found any comfort to help him through the transition...

“You are bound to miss your friends and family back home, but at UWL I have met people from my country, which has helped me realise that, even though my family is back home I do have a new family here. They are friendly, helpful, and have made me feel like ‘yeah, this is a safe place for me to come and study’ “

Saransh’s Top Tips:

Saransh has really made the most of his journey so far & we can’t wait to see his first big marketing campaign in the future!

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