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Society Spotlight: Paramedic Society

Updated: May 24

Today the spotlight is on Ru, the joint chair of UWLSU’s Paramedic Society! Let’s hear about his experience...

Ru recently helped to start up the Paramedic Society, creating a community of students passionate about emergency medicine & first response within UWL. The society is open to anyone who has an interest in learning more & making friends with likeminded people.

The drive to start the society really came from wanting to help the year groups under Ru through their time studying Paramedic Science. When in his first year, having students who had already been through what he had was incredibly helpful whilst studying. Being able to see & get advice from people who have gone through the training to become a clinician can be the push you need to

drive yourself to the end of the course. Taking this supportive community & expanding it outside of the classroom is Ru’s goal with the Paramedic Society.

“One of the greatest resources we have is each other, we’re all going through the same course & experience together”

It’s still early days for the society and it has received an outpouring of support from all cohorts of the Paramedic Science course, as well as students from all over UWL who want to get involved! One of the biggest benefits of joining a student group is connecting with people who you normally wouldn’t & the Paramedic Society has provided just that for its members.

“It’s really nice to find our feet more independently as clinicians, and get to know people in the wider field, as well as through the university.”

Ru came to UWL to continue his training on the path to becoming a qualified paramedic. He’s in his final year of studying MSc Paramedic Science, working towards graduating & diving straight into work. For Ru, a huge selling point of the course is how closely UWL work with the London Ambulance Service, meaning when he graduates, he will hopefully step straight into a full-time role.

One of the most valuable skills Ru has developed through his time here is his people skills. Being able to find his feet in his field & work on speaking to people & building relationships will help him immensely stepping into the world of work. The community within the university & his course has been invaluable to Ru’s experience & has made the challenging times that much easier to tackle.

Are you interested in joining the Paramedic Society? Check out their membership page here & make sure to drop them any questions you have on Instagram @uwlparamedicsoc.

Watch Ru’s Society Spotlight video here.

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