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STAR Awards 2024: Celebrating UWL Staff

Every year, UWLSU throw an award show to celebrate all the hard work staff do across the university to make students' experience amazing. It's important to us that everyone feels appreciated and gets recognised for the effort they put into our collective goal; changing students' lives.

UWLSU's Student Voice team work day in and day out to make change for students within UWL. They continuously work side-by-side with UWL staff to help make positive change. The STAR Awards were created to honour the dedication they see every day.

This year, we received a record number of nominations from students. Each nomination was incredibly heartfelt, which made it even more difficult for our judges to narrow them down. It's moving to read some of ways staff have impacted students' education.

The night began with Sara Raybould, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Education and Student Experience, expressing her appreciation for the commitment of staff...

"You're passionate, you're enthusiastic, your knowledge is amazing. Your confidence that you instil in our students." Sara Raybould, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Education and Student Experience

The first section of the evening focussed on the "Lecturers of the Year". A group of awards that recognises a stand out lecturer from each school. So many academic staff leave a lasting impression on our students and play a vital role in their future success. Let's see who took home a trophy this year...

The room was full of support throughout the night, with each cheer louder than the last. The winners each took the stage to say a few words of appreciation. It showed how much this recognition from students means to them, and the they hold passion for their job.

"I've been here for quite some time because I've never even thought for a day that I'd want to work somewhere else. It's very clear when you see other lecturers come up on stage and the joy on their faces; it's clear they actually enjoy teaching students and I'm exactly the same. It's a real privilege to get this award." Michael Derks, Lecturer for the School of Law

The second half of the night saw the presentation of our categories for outstanding staff; academic and support staff alike. These awards recognise staff members who uphold strong values and go out of their way to make UWL such a special place to study.

Every staff member nominated makes an amazing contribution to everyone's daily life here at UWL. We introduced a new award this year, the "President's Award". This decision was made during the judging process, when it was clear how difficult it was to select the winners. The "President's Award" recognises a staff member who truly stood out through students' nominations and Maisie (UWLSU President) felt deserved to be celebrated. This year's winner, Roseanna, was incredibly grateful and incredibly deserving of her win, for her continuous work to improve the student experience.

"All I've ever wanted to do is help people. I genuinely can't imagine working anywhere else." Roseanna Donnan, Student Experience Manager

UWLSU want to say a huge thank you to everyone that attended and every single student who submitted a nomination. It was a fantastic night full of celebration and it was wonderful to be surrounded by people so passionate about what they do.

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