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Students' Mental Health Tips

Ayan, your VP of Education, hosted a full week of events for Mental Health Awareness Week. He hosted 4 days of activities to promote students to look after their wellbeing!

Throughout the week, students added their tips and positivity to our wall of messages. This allowed everyone to learn from how others take care of their mental health. So many of you took the time to write out cards, we couldn't count! We looked through every single one, appreciating how meaningful they are.

Have a look at a few of the notes written by UWL students:

There were lots of free activities for students to get involved in, including:

🎨 Wellbeing Retreat: We saw so many beautiful canvases after students poured out their creativity into their paintings!

🧘‍♀️ Yoga: We were over capacity for this wellbeing session! It's amazing to see everyone embrace activity to better their mental health.

🍃 Nature Walk: There's so many green spaces around Ealing so we took the opportunity to walk around a local park, take in the nature and socialise.

🤣 Laughter Yoga: This was the perfect chance to try something new and it was a success! The class was run by expert 'Laughter John' and made everyone feel comfortable and it was easy to embrace the session.

☕️ Chai + Chit Chat: Following the success of our last event, Ayan hosted another social where students enjoyed authentic Indian Chai.

🍿 Bollywood Movie Night: To round off the week, we had a screening of a Bollywood movie for everyone to enjoy a relaxing Thursday evening.

We hope every single person who got involved in the events had the best time. If you couldn't make it - we'll see you next time! Stay up to date with our events here.

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