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Stuff I Wish I Knew Before Uni

Starting university is a unique adventure that not everyone will experience, and most will be facing for the first time. We know the unexpected can be daunting, as well as exciting (obviously), so we asked students to tell us what they wish they knew before starting uni...

“Don’t underestimate how valuable just showing up to class is”

This is as straight forward as it seems, don’t take your classes for granted! Make sure you stay committed to your course, alongside everything else you get involved in.

“Take every little opportunity to enhance your skills... it pays off in amazing ways”

Uni really is the time to grow, in every way you can. You’ll have so many opportunities presented to you and one thing we hear a lot from happy students, is to just say yes. Big or small, these experiences are what will make your time here great and there’s no better time to throw yourself in.

“People aren’t unapproachable as they look, MAKE THE FIRST MOVE!!”

Whether you’re moving to the city or a London native, it’s undeniable that people can seem intimidating here... or anywhere you haven’t been! Find reassurance in the fact that every student is in the same position, and just as nervous as you to find new friends.

“Joining a society is one of the best things you can do to meet people on other courses”

There are loads of benefits to joining a student group (or multiple). A huge one is all the new people you get to connect with, from all over UWL.

“Everyone is as scared as you to meet new people and make friends”

This was a common one and it’s no doubt as meeting new people is in the top anxieties for new students! It really goes to show that everyone is just as nervous as each other and you are all in this together.

Hopefully this will help you out, even if it’s just a tiny bit! Remember that everyone is in this together and the most important thing is to enjoy yourself.

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