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The Nigerian Society

Updated: May 28

The Nigerian Society has been running for a long time within UWLSU, giving students a place to celebrate Nigerian culture and just have fun! We met with Chairperson, Obianuju, to find out more about the society and her experience... 

Finding a community at uni can be transformative to someone’s experience. The Nigerian Society are a hub for anyone looking for a home away from home. They throw socials to get advice from others, build a network at UWL and embrace Nigerian culture. Obianuju loves her culture and believes its uniqueness is something everyone should experience! The group's slogan is "The Naija Impact".

“I know that Nigerians are unique, in terms of our behaviour, our food, our culture, we like to dance, we like to party. We're really vibrant!” Obianuju


When Obianuju started university, she found it difficult to settle in, especially having moved away from home. So, she wants people joining the society to be able to feel more at ease and comfortable in their new environment. The group are here to create a supportive community and be there for each other. The members are always there to give guidance or help to find the solution to anything someone is going through. 

“I want to help people settle in without stress because I found that difficult as well.” Obianuju


Although the group was primarily formed for Nigerian students to connect, they welcome members from all countries who want to get involved! Loads of students enjoyed the vibe at Freshers Fair, who had come from all over the world to study here. The group is all about community and the committee want to build genuine connections between members! Obianuju is looking forward to the hot summer days to be able to throw some amazing socials. 

“We have to come up with a summer program since it’s the summer, the weather is right, close to what we have at home and make it like a Nigerian themed event.” Obianuju


Joining the Nigerian Society, you can expect lots of hangouts, chilled socials and group meet ups. It’s a place to find your community that makes you feel welcome at university. Check out the Nigerian Society here.

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