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The Storm Couldn’t Stop Varsity 2023

Updated: May 25

The rain didn’t cloud the excitement of Varsity last Friday, every team showed up ready to perform & show off their skills against their rivals!

Our students got to host matches with a range of teams, getting to play new & old opponents, as well as building new bonds with other universities. Every single person brought the team spirit & cheered on the players throughout the day; the community within the sports teams was prominent. The commitment to the day was inspiring as everyone braved through the storm to play & support others. Men’s Football 2nd even pushed through hail with no sign of stopping their game or slowing down. The Cheer & Dance teams kept the energy alive on the sidelines & with their outstanding halftime shows, showing off their skills on centre stage. Everyone played incredibly, with big wins from Women’s Rugby, Netball and Men’s Football 1st. Women’s Football played a strong & tactical game, showing off the skills they’ve learnt this year. Men’s Rugby made a mark of their own, playing their own alumni, showing the legacy they’ve created from the beginning of the club’s creation!

ALL of the students & sports teams made the day absolutely fantastic! Seeing them throw themselves into the spirit really brought the good vibes to life, everyone's energy was contagious. Seeing the experience the students have created for themselves & each other is what made the day so special. It highlighted what we are here for; to create experiences that make your time at university memorable.

We spoke to some of the attendees to see what they thought...

“This is my first Varsity & I’ll definitely be here next year – the atmosphere’s great!”
“It’s really nice to have everyone supporting each other, that’s the thing I love about Varsity”
“The energy is outstanding, it’s been amazing, everyone’s having such a good time! The drink and food's great, the people here are great, and we’ve won most of the games which is amazing as well”

Here are the results from the day:

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