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Things to do over Winter Break

Updated: May 25

Staying in the city over the break? We want to make sure you make the most of it, whatever that means for you. We asked UWL students & staff what they love to do in winter to give you some inspiration...

Fatou’s Favourite Things

Fatou’s winter plans are made up of wholesome inspo. She’s most excited to see friends & family, something that’s difficult to fit into a busy study schedule in term time. This could be a cosy evening in with a cup of tea, a trip to the cinema or a day in the park, soaking in nature. Some of Fatou’s favourite spots include Greenwich Park, Victoria and Richmond! Make sure to check them out if you fancy a relaxing day outside.

Let’s not forget about the best part of the festive season – sweet treats!! Fatou loves baking simple recipes, you can find her favourite chocolate cake recipe here.

Suvansh in the City

Suvansh’s favourite thing to do in London is to explore! London lights up in the winter (literally) & there are so many fabulous ways to take in the magic. Oxford Circus and Regent Street have must-see displays that will make braving the cold more than worth it.

Suvansh’s top tip: reserve a space at Sky Garden to see the London skyline lit up from above

This year, Suvansh is super excited to celebrate New Year in the UK! The night life is something he’s enjoyed the most about the city and seeing in 2023 will be a huge event all over London. His favourite late-night spot is Piccadilly Circus.

Andreea's Relaxing Break

For Andreea the Winter Break is time for just that – a break. The time off is a period to focus on yourself and reset before the new year. Treat yourself to your favourite things; hot chocolate, sweets, your favourite meal. You can also have a pamper evening to unwind with face masks, candles and a good book. It really is the time to do whatever makes you happy.

Andreea is going to use her free time to dive back into her favourite hobby – reading.

Winter with Pauly

When the winter season approaches there’s always one thing at the top of Pauly’s list, and that’s Winter Wonderland. If you go this year, make sure to keep an eye out for him, he’s probably wandering around!

You can’t replicate the wonderous atmosphere of Winter Wonderland and there really is something for everyone. There are hundreds of options for food and drink, funfair games and rides, with your own constant soundtrack of live music all around the park. Make sure to book your tickets online so you don’t miss out on any of the big attractions, like ice skating, the ice bar and adrenaline-filled rides.

Quiet night in? Have a private screening of Pauly’s favourite, Love Actually, on your sofa

Competition Time

UWLSU are running a competition over the Winter Break for all UWL students!! All you have to do is snap a pic of one of the activities on our checklist & tag us on Instagram. Check out the full terms on the Winterfest Guide.

Make sure to have a look at all the things you can do, in our Winterfest Guide. There are things to do if you are staying or going out, with friends or on your own and activities for all budgets. Have fun exploring London in the winter and UWLSU wish you the best winter break; you deserve it.

Read our Winterfest Guide here.

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