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UWLSU's New Strategy: 2024-2028

This week, we welcomed staff and students into Freddie's, to introduce our brand new strategy!

At the official launch of UWLSU's 5-year Strategy, attendees gathered in Freddie's for a chance to hear about the Strategy straight from the staff who created it!

The event kicked off with a presentation to talk through how the new Strategy was created and what it means for the future of the Students' Union. The development began a year ago, and the whole SU team has taken part in gathering feedback from countless students as well as contributing their own thoughts.

"I've really enjoyed leading the process of our strategy development and hearing everything our wonderful students have to say about our SU. We have designed and created this with students at heart and challenged ourselves to deliver more fantastic services and support for all" - Jamal El-Kalawy, Head of Membership

After the success of our previous Strategy, we worked to create a continuation of this, adapting our approach to keep it up-to-date with students' needs. There's loads of parts that make up the document, but here are the key areas the SU will be focussing over the next five years:






A lot of hard work has been put into creating this new Strategy, but it's nothing compared to the amount of commitment that will go into executing it in the years to come. We hope that we can continue to make a difference for all UWL students!

You can read the full Strategy and more about the results of the research surrounding it here.

Watch our video to hear about different experiences with the SU, for look into what inspired us:

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