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What is a Sabbatical Officer?

The Sabbatical Officers (or Sabbs) exist to be the true student voice within the university and the students’ union; actively trying to make change that will benefit our students, whether that’s academically, in general life or just creating opportunities for you to enjoy.

Every year, our Sabbatical Officers run in an election, where students vote on who they want in charge, based on their priorities (like a manifesto). We have 3 positions that students can run for:

  1. President: Your President is the key voice for students, across the board. They sit on many powerful university committees and are the lead for making UWL students’ experience amazing

  2. VP of Education: Their main focus is to improve students’ educational experience. This includes areas such as welfare, student support and teaching. They're the key link between student feedback and these university services.

  3. VP of Activities: They are responsible for ensuring great opportunities for extracurricular activities. They also take the lead in supporting sports, societies and SU events. There’s lots more they can do, such as helping to build student networks.

What does that mean to you? Sabbs have access to staff all over UWL, which means that they have the power to talk to the right people and make all kinds of change happen. Our Sabbs are great at getting involved with as much as they can, which means you will probably see them around campus quite often. They are here to listen to any feedback you have or just to have a chat! If you want to raise something to them but don’t have the chance to see them in person, you can drop them an email or dm them on Instagram – check out their profiles below for their details.

Meet the Sabbs

Yash’s Priorities:

  1. Put on more cultural activities within the SU

  2. Help student groups to level up their social media

  3. Create more community outreach opportunities for students

Contact Yash: IG: @uwlsu_activities

Ayan’s Priorities

  1. Help to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health

  2. Support language skills learning for international students

  3. Create course networks between students to connect

Contact Ayan: IG: @uwlsu_education

Maisie’s Priorities

  1. Sexual violence awareness and prevention

  2. Widening support for students with learning differences

  3. Advocate for cost-of-living support for UWL students

Contact Maisie: IG @uwlsu_president

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