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Wladimir's Uni Experience

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

We sat down with Wladimir to talk about their experience at UWL, studying BA (Hons) Broadcast and Digital Journalism. We could see the passion for their chosen career path and university glow as they spoke fondly of their time here.

Deciding to return to studies as a mature student can feel like a big decision, but it can be life changing if you choose to take the leap. Wladimir chose to come to university to change career paths to something they felt they would truly love. This decision has proven to pay off tenfold, with Wladimir diving straight into learning all they can to succeed in the journalism industry. Wladimir has grown their confidence and professional skills so much already and still has more time left on their journey! They will definitely be more than ready to take on their new career by graduation; setting themself up for an incredible future

“I found myself at the beginning with a lot of fears and doubts, I just wanted to change my career, expand my opportunities. How I can see myself now is that I feel confident, I can believe in myself, so I can carry on and look for a job opportunity out there.”

At UWL, Wladimir has taken every opportunity to get involved and try something new. They’ve found themselves in a lot of amazing situations to learn, grow and have fun! By throwing yourself into uni life, you get to meet loads of different people and have new experiences that will make university memorable. Wladimir has been part of different societies throughout their time studying and is a student trustee on the SU Trustee Board. Being a student trustee involves regularly meeting with our stakeholders and external trustees to give the student perspective on how we run and any changes that might be made. Knowing all that the SU can offer students has helped Wladimir through their journey, not only to have a great experience, but to get academic support when they’ve needed it. The Advice Team is always here when you need a helping hand with any academic issues.

“The SU for me is a group of people that are very dynamic [and] curious, where you can bounce your ideas. I personally have gotten the opportunity to become a trustee. So, I can say from an insider’s point of view that they’re always trying to understand people, to get ideas and try to achieve something different. On a personal level, I have gotten support from them to get extensions, because sometimes you just don’t know how that works or when I needed to navigate a difficult conversation with a lecturer, they have also been there to give me some guidance.”

There are so many things that you can learn whilst studying at university that you will hold on to for a lifetime. Some of the most valuable skills that Wladimir has developed are their soft skills, such as communication, people skills and creativity. University has enabled Wladimir to identify their fears and gain the tools to overcome them. It has also given them a safe space to receive feedback and continuously work on improving their professional skills.

Hearing Wladimir’s story was incredibly inspiring and shows how much good university can bring to someone’s life, if you choose to dive in headfirst. Wladimir has been an invaluable part of the SU throughout their journey, and we love seeing how much they enjoy taking part in everything we do.

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