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Life at Uni: Monika

Updated: May 25, 2023

What’s more exciting than moving cities to go to uni? Moving country!

We sat down with different students in our international community to discover the ins and outs of their experience...

The first feature is with Monika, a passionate MSc Health Informatics student from Nepal.

Monika was drawn to study at UWL, not only to be in the city, but because of the unique module structure that would mean she could be on the right track for her dream job – Nursing Informatics.

Determined to study in London, Monika chose to join UWL to be in the hub for career opportunities in her field and was drawn to the unique module structure the uni offered.

Making the most out of uni isn’t just about the course you study, it’s also the community you become a part of! Let’s find out what Monika has been involved in so far:

International Society

West London Wick

UWLSU Student Media

Watch Monika's video interviews on our TikTok! Keep an eye out as we continue to post this series.

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